Diary – A Day Indoors

Yesterday the weather was pretty cloudy, with occasional spots of blue sky, but I didn’t end up going out anyway, which I regret as staying in all day never makes me feel great. I did get quite a bit done though, I suppose, so all is not lost.

In the morning, after Anna woke up, she went out to the vintage shop to get a free bag (not much on offer, unfortunately, though she got some stuff) and I stayed in the flat and read the first short story in the Alice Munro collection I got a few days ago.  I say short story, but none of them are particularly short – but I enjoyed it, reading the rest later in the day. The story was about children, which is not too common – I don’t think – for ‘literary’ texts, and really reminded me of what it was like to be a younger kid.

After lunch (veg pasta) I filled the afternoon with more reading, a bit of writing (more re-reading and editing than actual writing), and an episode of Better Call Saul, the penultimate episode of the season. For tea we had more pasta (my lunch wasn’t made with much foresight), this time with a creamy garlic and mushroom sauce. Before bed we watched another episode of Twin Peaks on the projector, as well as an episode of Mad Men.

Like I said, it felt a bit weird to spend the whole day indoors but I suppose I should take pleasure in the fact that it does feel weird, when not so long ago it would have been pretty normal for me.


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