Diary – An Evening Bike Ride With Anna

Yesterday I woke up at the usual time, ate breakfast, and read before Anna got up. We then both sat reading for a while longer. Anna was waiting for some (free) tickets to a fashion show to go on sale at 10 – she got us one each – and then, at 11ish, we set off for Sainsbury’s to buy some bread and milk etc. After Sainsbury’s we walked home and had lunch, then I edited my writing for quite a while and, predictably, read for a bit longer.

Later on in the afternoon I had a shower (I have them at the strangest times now I don’t really have any kind of schedule) and then made tea – stir fry, though I discovered we were out of noodles, then rice, so it ended up accompanied by couscous.

After tea we were going to go out for a walk, but we settled for a bike ride instead – to a small park on the Thames with a view of Tower Bridge. We sat here chatting for a while, watching the clouds and the boats and the buildings before cycling home.

At home we watched an episode of Madmen and one of Red Oaks before bed.


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