Diary – Two Days in One (and Legally Blonde)

I didn’t write a diary entry yesterday, simply because I forgot, so I’ll briefly recount my Tuesday now, instead. At half 9 me and Anna cycled to her uni on Oxford Street, where she was helping someone out with a project. Whilst she was in there, I sat in Caffè Nero (when I realised there were proper seats downstairs) and read for a while. Anna didn’t take long and came to meet me, then we set off back to where the bikes were locked up, deliberating about whether we should go somewhere for lunch or not. On the way we stood for a while under the LCF building as it started pouring with rain.

Eventually – finally – we decided to go to Pizza Union (the cheap and reliable choice) and arrived there at noon. As usual we shared a pizza and then cycled home, taking a detour to Halfords to get some oil for our bikes. At home I read for a while and wrote a bit and the evening was as usual.

Yesterday wasn’t very eventful, which is why I took up most of this post filling in the day before. I spent most of the morning doing a bit of coding and obviously read for a while. I also popped out to Sainsbury’s in the afternoon and, in the evening, we watched Legally Blonde, which I thought was pretty great. I generally enjoy films like that – lighthearted and distracting – but I thought this one was particularly good – the main character was fantastic. We also ended up watching an episode of Madmen before we went to sleep as we went to bed a bit early.


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