Diary – Bike Troubles

Yesterday morning, when Anna was awake, we decided to cycle to the fabric warehouse in Bethnal Green, so that she could see if they had any of the jersey she needed. We set off at 9ish but, when we were a little over halfway there, I thought my chain had come off so I coasted to the pavement. Instead of just dangling loose, however, it flopped onto the pavement like a big oily worm – it had snapped. 

When Anna finally realised that I was no longer behind her she turned back around and we walked the rest of the way, locking our bikes up around the corner from the shop. In the end, Anna didn’t spend very much time in the shop – there was none of what she needed – but I was glad we’d gone anyway because it was much better for my chain to snap there than, for example, on Old Street roundabout. 

On the way back to our bikes we stopped off at Iceland so Anna could buy a drink and then walked our bikes back home. Since Anna had spent so little time in the shop, I didn’t have to worry about getting to the dentist on time (11am). When I got home I even had a chance to sit and have a rest before I set off.

At the dentist’s I had to wait a while – only 10 minutes this time – and then they filled my tooth (the root canal seems to be a very long procedure). Its a good job I don’t get nervous at the dentist because they ended up using all sorts of strange rubber tents and things which I’ve never seen before. Whilst all this was going on I actually nearly fell asleep a couple of times, as I have a tendency to do when I’m lying down with my eyes closed, but I managed to stay awake by looking into the bright light every now and again. Unfortunately, as soon as I got home and had some lunch (after waiting for the numbness to fade) the filling came right back out which, although it doesn’t hurt or anything, might delay the whole braces thing, which seems almost set to go.

After lunch I fitted a new chain to the bike with Anna’s help (she also kindly went out and got it for me whilst I was at the dentist) but as I was testing it out in the small area in front of the flat my gear cable snapped! Oh well, at least I’m learning to fix it bit by bit. The rest of the day was mostly spent writing and for tea we just made a simple (Quorn) chicken salad. Afterwards, we watched an episode each of Madmen and Red Oaks (of course) before bed.


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