Diary – Anna Passed With Flying Colours (Of Course)!

Yesterday I ended walking much more than I realised (and intended) but that’s never a bad thing, I suppose. In the morning I got up at the usual time and, when Anna set off for a fabric shop in Covent Garden, I set off to Halfords, intending to drop my bike off so that they could fit me a new gear cable. However, as usual, the pricing was completely different to what it said on the internet (£8) and I wasn’t prepared to pay the £27 they asked when the cable was only £1.50, so I simply bought one, deciding to try and fit it myself. 

From Halfords I walked home, where I read whilst I waited for Anna to get back – she didn’t take long. For lunch we decided to get something at Rinkoff’s (partly prompted by getting some money back as credit from British Gas) and, from there, walked to the post office and to Sainsbury’s to get some oat milk etc. From there we walked home, where we tried to fit my gear cable, before we realised that the tubing that protects the cable was clogged up and had a hole in it. Because of this, I had another trip back to Halfords, where I had to buy a full set with the inner and outer cables (despite the fact the separate outer cables were listed as available instore on the website) which was annoying as the man could have suggested this when I bought the original one, having looked at the cable himself. Oh well.

Back home I tried again to fit the cable but realised that we didn’t have anything capable of cutting the ‘wire rope’ on the inside. Anna popped across the road to see if they had any cutters in the market shops but unfortunately not, so I’ve ordered some online. Luckily using the bike isn’t strictly necessary in the next few days. At some point in the afternoon Anna also got the news that she passed the year at uni with an A* – I never doubted it but I’m really happy for her, even though she still didn’t seem satisfied!!! – so we decided to get some nice food from Sainsbury’s to celebrate.

We set off at about half 5 (my second double journey of the day) and arrived back home with a big pizza from the pizza counter, which we had for tea. We then watched Madmen and Red Oaks before bed.


3 thoughts on “Diary – Anna Passed With Flying Colours (Of Course)!

  1. Just a standard pair of pliers should be able to cut the wires Thom, I’m surprised the shop over the road didn’t have any, but a pair of dedicated wire cutters is always handy to have


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