Diary – Shopping, Sauce, and Lolita

Yesterday was shopping day but, seeing as I’m waiting on some wire cutters to fix my bike, the plan was a bit different to usual. Instead of setting off cycling with Anna at 11, I set off walking at 10, listening to the rest of a Sam Harris pidcast I’d started the day before. Anna was planning to set off at half 10, as we thought it would take me about 50 minutes to walk, but in the end it only took me half an hour, so I had a little bit of a wait. I didn’t mind, though, I just stood outside and watched the world go by.

When Anna arrived we did the shopping (even cheaper than normal, for some reason) and then walked back home, with Anna pushing the bike with her pannier attached – handy. When we got home we had the pastries from Lidl for lunch and, afterwards, I read for a while, finishing Lolita. Anna wasn’t too sure about the end, but I thought it was pretty good – I thought it summed up a lot of the themes in the book and displayed the pathetic nature of its protagonist pretty well (and pretty ruthlessly). Overall I really enjoyed the book – perhaps my favourite I’ve read for the course so far – though I’m still disturbed by how Nabokov managed to make Humbert so likeable, when he was so obviously a pretty horrible person.

After I’d finished reading I wrote for a while and, later in the afternoon, I made a tomato sauce to have with tea (pasta bake) and gnocchi, which we’re making later in the week. As usual with these things, I ended up making enough for another five meals as well. When I’d finished the sauce it was straight into making tea. 

After tea we watched an episode of Madmen (we’re on the last series now 😢) and one of Red Oaks, which we’re also close to finishing.


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