Diary – Home Alone

I forgot to write a diary entry again yesterday, but unfortunately I seem to have forgotten pretty much everything I did the day before (which is why I’m supposed to write this diary), so I’ll just recount yesterday as usual.

Yesterday I woke at the usual time, had breakfast, and spent a bit of time writing and watching videos before Anna got up. When she did, we didn’t do very much – she was getting ready to go for a skeepover at Sam’s (her friend from uni) and I just sat with her and talked. We did walk to Sainsbury’s, though, to get some bits and bobs, mostly for Sam’s favourite sweets, which Anna took her. When we got home we had lunch together and then Anna set off, leaving me alone for the night.

Unlike Anna, I’m pretty happy to be on my own now and again – though obviously I wouldn’t want to live alone all of the time – and I got a bit of reading done before tea (tomato pasta with the sauce that needed using up). I’ve just started reading Thomas Pynchon’s The Crying of  Lot 49, which has been odd so far.

Later on I watched Sicario, which had been recommended form a few various places and ended up being really good. It was very tense and the characters were really interesting, plus the landscapes were fantastic. Though I’m not really sure how I managed it (YouTube is mostly to blame) I ended up staying awake pretty late, so I fell straight to sleep in the big empty bed.


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