Diary – Bike Tools, Books, and ‘Baby Driver’

Yesterday the weather was pretty nice so, after mostly spending the morning reading The Crying of Lot 49, we decided to go out for lunch at Pizza Union – the obvious choice. We walked there for about half 12, arriving just before the big rush of mostly businessmen at 1 o’clock. It was still pretty busy, but we easily found a seat and the pizza was great as usual.

Walking back home, we stopped off at the post office for Anna to send a parcel, then at Sainsbury’s to get some milk and stuff. In the afternoon I did a bit more reading and my wire cutters arrived – I’m going to get the bike done today in preparation for tomorrow’s ride to Hyde Park. 

After tea (salad on the balcony) we wandered down to the Genesis cinema, which I’ve been missing, to watch Baby Driver. The film was great fun, though it was slightly spoiled by the hype that preceded it which, for me, it didn’t quite live up to. If I hadn’t heard any reviews or anything beforehand, though, I think I would definitely have been pleasantly surprised.

After the cinema we popped back tat Sainsbury’s before walking home, where we still had time to watch an episode of Madmen before bed. I also checked my reading lists, which unfortunately have changed a bit since last year, requiring a couple of different books to the ones I bought. Oh well – the books will feature in other parts of the course, I think, and you can never suffer from too many books, anyway.

The featured image is the poster for Baby Driver, which I think is really striking and effective.


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