Diary – Dentists, Drains, and DIY 

Despite the title of this entry, which kind of sounds like an amalgamation of the worst ways to spend your day, yesterday really wasn’t that bad.

In the morning I was back at the dentist’s for the ongoing root canal procedure. I was pretty happy because I’d managed to get the earliest slot – 9.30 – but of course I forgot that the dentist always seems to be late, so it was more like 10 when I actually went in. She’s really friendly though, so I’ll let her off. As I said last time I went, my filling came out again a couple of hours later, so the appointment was spent putting it back in again, which seemed even more complicated than last time. Hopefully it’ll stay in this time, though I’m not convinced that some of it hasn’t already fallen out.

The appointment was finished at around quarter to 11, at which point I walked back home. Me and Anna ate lunch on the balcony – it was a hot one – and afterwards I wrote for a while. I then set about fitting my gear cable on my bike, which went pretty smoothly, considering my complete lack of expertise, and seemed pretty good when I tested it out. I also gave the bike a good clean and sprayed it, then decided – whilst I was on a roll with the ‘dirty’ jobs – to unblock the drains, which haven’t been doing their job very well. I don’t know how Anna isn’t bald by now, the amount of hair I had to pull out.

Later in the afternoon, we popped to Sainsbury’s via the East End Thrift Store, where we picked up some bargains – in the closing down sale 😢. At Sainsbury’s we bought some food for the teatime picnic we’re having today in Hyde Park, then headed home, where we had a late tea, again on the balcony. Because we had a late tea and I talked to my dad on the phone we just had time to watch an episode of Madmen, though we were planning to watch Twin Peaks. 

The featured image is the sunset, which sometimes casts this orange light into the kitchen and the hall (and sometimes a rainbow through the peephole).


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