Diary – Fashion Shows, Picnics and Bike Rides: The High Life!

I really need to stop forgetting to write these diary posts.

On Friday we had a good bike ride, setting off after lunch – having waited in for the handyman, who informed us that the tiles in the bathroom aren’t even attached to the wall any more, so they’ll all have to be replaced. 

After lunch we set off for the V&A. The cycle took about three quarters of an hour, leaving us plenty of time to collect our tickets for the Molly Goddard fashion show we were there to see. After getting the tickets (which were free) we waited in the open courtyard where there were loads of kids playing in the water, then went to queue for the show. The show itself was great; the clothes were interesting – we enjoyed discussing which we liked afterwards – and the set was too, made up of covered statues, a huge bed, and a dining table laid for a feast. It was a bit dark to get a good picture, though.

After the show, which was surprisingly only 15 minutes, we cycled on to Hyde Park, where we ate ice creams on the grass, people-watching. We sat there a long time and ate our picnic tea, as well, though my sandwiches had suffered heavy injuries from the journey. As I said, we sat there a long while and, by the time we headed back, it was about quarter past 7. The cycle was pretty smooth, following the river path we took on the way there, though at Westminster we were held up for a while by an ambulance helicopter, which had landed in the middle of all the traffic. 

Yesterday was a shopping day, so it was much less exciting than the day before but still pleasant. I woke late (half 7ish) because I’d forgotten to charge my phone but, as usual, we set off around 11 and when we arrived home enjoyed our lunch on the hot balcony. 

Most of the rest of the day was spent reading and writing – I’m a good way through The Crying of Lot 49 now. Before bed we watched what we though to be the last episode of Madmen, though it actually turns out that the last series was split into two halves, the latter of which is not yet on UK Netflix, so we’ve still got that to look forward to.


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