Diary – From the Balcony to the Bridges

Yesterday I slept in for a while – my alarm was apparently going off the whole time, but the volume was so low it didn’t wake either of us up. I did get up at about 6.40, though, so not too bad. Later, when Anna woke up, she told me that she was going to get her hair cut for free, which she’d arranged after I’d gone to sleep – the things I’m missing out on! She set off to the hairdressers half 9, so I spent the morning writing on the balcony, which was so sunny that I had to move the table into the shade.

Anna arrived home about lunch time and we ate lunch together on the balcony before setting off for London Trimmings – Anna needed some metal hoops – at 1. From there we both walked home but I carried on for a walk along the ornamental canal, along the Thames, over Tower Bridge, and on to the Cafe Nero by the Golden Hinde. Before I crossed the river I was stopped at a  bridge which opened in a similar way to Tower Bridge, but was much smaller. It was allowing a medium sailing boat through, manned by an older couple who looked very windswept and handled it like professionals – perhaps they were. 

At Cafe Nero I wrote for almost a couple of hours before setting off home, where I arrived back at 5pm. On the walk I listened to the remainder of the podcast I’d listened to on the way there – just the right length. When I arrived home we hung the washing out to dry and then got on with making tea – sweet potato, beetroot and halloumi pasta in cheese sauce.

Before bed we watched the eighth episode of Twin Peaks, which was unlike anything I’ve ever seen on TV – even film, in fact – playing out more like an art film. Anna wasn’t too impressed, I was just a little bewildered. We also watched an episode of The Office, which I’ve convinced Anna to watch so that I have an excuse to rewatch it.


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