Diary – Up and Down Oxford Street

I had another trip to the dentist’s yesterday – the last regarding the root canal. I arrived there at half nine but the dentist was pretty late as usual, meaning I was only in by gone ten. Why I keep booking the early appointments I have no idea. She was as friendly as ever though and the toothe is feeling good – properly filled this time and ready for the straightening procedure to begin in the next weeks.

The appointment finished around quarter past 11 and I walked back home, where we waited for my phone to charge for a while before getting ready to set off for Oxford Street. Unfortunately, whilst trying to pump our tires up, we managed to let all of the air out of Anna’s, not knowing how to fit the adapter. In the time it took to work it out, though, I did manage to adjust and tighten a few things up on my bike, so it’s feeling great.

The ride to Bloomsbury was pretty smooth and we parked our bikes where I would for uni, which meant I got to see the exterior of a hotel that’s been hidden under a massive cover for building work since we moved here. It was pretty ornate and impressive. We also got there just in time to get lunch from the Hare Krishna bike, which was lovely and came in huge portions as per usual. We ate it sitting in Russell Square Gardens, then set off for Oxford Street, where we wandered around the shops, mostly for Anna’s research and some bits and bobs she needed for a photo shoot – as usual I was just along for the ride.

We ended up spending a few hours doing that and were in desperate need of a rest, so ended up in the Marks and Spencer’s Cafe for a drink. From there, we walked back (the length of Oxford Street) to our bikes and then cycled home, where we arrived past teatime. Luckily, neither of us were very hungry after Hare Krishna, so after I helped Anna decide some combinations for her photo shoot and coloured some images on Photoshop for a while, we were just ready for tea – jacket potato and salad.

After tea it was pretty late, so we just watched one episode of The People vs. O.H. Simpson before bed.


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