Diary – Shopping and Shooting

Yesterday was shopping day, but we set off later than usual as we had a bit to do at home in the morning. I woke at the usual time and, when Anna was awake, took her parcels to the post office whilst she rearranged the living room for a photo shoot for her new collection. The post office didn’t take long and when I got home Anna had taken a few pictures. However I ended up taking the rest, as her Bluetooth controller had run out. 

The shoot took a pretty long time, carrying on until about 12 (she’s designed a lot of new sets) but the results looked good, especially when she had them all together on her website. After some toast to tide us over until our Lidl pastries, we set off on the bikes, though we avoided Victoria Park as there was a festival going on, as evidenced by the crowds of scantily clad girls in the street. For us, though, it was just the weekly shop, and we were soon home and enjoying our pastries.

After lunch on the balcony I got to work on some illustration, which I’m combining with a kind of prose poem (still a work in progress). I also read a bit of Don Juan. Later on my mum called to relay Benjamin’s request to play a game with me, so I agreed to play with him after tea. Apparently he was very excited – I’m kind of touched that they’re still so bothered about interacting with me and I hope it stays that way as they grow up.

After tea, as arranged, I played with Benjamin for about an hour and a half, having as good a chat as his Skype will allow. When we were finished Anna showed me her new website and we got lucky with this amazing sunset (pictured), which is  right outside our kitchen window. 

Despite its critical acclaim, we both realised we weren’t really enjoying The People vs. O.J. Simpson and were only carrying it on to find out what happened. I’m really not a fan of the kind of TV that relies so heavily on narrative hooks, rather than actual quality and entertainment to keep its audience watching (I’m sure its fans would disagree that this is the case, but that’s besides the point here), so we’ve given up on it. Instead, we watched an episode of Hannibal before bed, which was much more entertaining and already seems to have some really interesting, very complex characters.


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