Diary – A Day out at Kew

What a lovely day we had yesterday! We were originally supposed to be up at 7 to set off to Kew at 8 (to take advantage of the members’ opening time), but when I went to wake Anna up I ended up lying down (fatal) and we went back to sleep until about 20 past 8. By the time we’d gathered all of our stuff and I’d made my packed lunch, it was 20 past 9, and that’s when we set off for Whitechapel Station.

The tube journey to Kew is pretty long but it wasn’t too bad – a noisy school trip got on for a couple of stops but it was quite entertaining. When we got to Kew we took the usual route to the gardens, where we bypassed the long queue with the membership pass. Once inside we set off walking in a pretty random direction, ending up by the biggest greenhouse (still being renovated) and the pagoda tower (also being renovated). Whilst we walked we filmed a few clips for Anna’s video.

Towards noon we found a bench by a pond (which turned out to be the end of the lake), where we sat and ate some of our lunch for a while, but I’d forgotten a fork, so we had to finish the rest after visiting the cafe to pinch some plastic cutlery. After lunch we headed to the Palm House, which was incredibly hot and humid on the upper layer, so we could only spend a short while up there. We then sat in a quiet grassy spot and I read Don Juan for a while – still enjoying it.

We ended up leaving Kew at around half 3, getting the tube home – where I read more of my book. Back home we ate tea (garlic and mushroom spaghetti) before watching an episode of Hannibal. After Hannibal, though, we ended up deciding to sit out on the balcony for a while. The night was warm and there was a lovely atmosphere – pink fairy lights, a candle, and of course Anna’s company.


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