Diary – Cleaning, Contracts, and Clothes

Oops. This time I’ve missed two days out of the diary. It doesn’t matter too much though, as they can be summarised pretty briefly – on Tuesday me and Anna spent most of the day cleaning in preparation for each of our families coming to stay; on Wednesday we met at the flat with Beth (landlady) to renew our contract and give an overview of the bits of work that need doing, which she agreed to sort. After speaking at the flat (with her very well-behaved little girl) we popped down to Rinkoff’s with her and sat chatting with them whilst they had lunch. I feel like we’ve been incredibly lucky to end up renting off her.

Whilst we were chatting we got onto the topic of internships and Beth raised the possibility of me doing a couple of weeks at her husband’s company (writing scripts for TV – mostly sports programmes). Obviously I jumped at the opportunity and I’m meeting with them today for a chat.

Yesterday me and Anna set off in the late morning to Trade, a coffee shop we’ve been wanting to try for a while and which turned out to be as nice as expected. From there, we decided to have a wander around Spitalfields Market to try and find Joel a birthday present, but no luck. Most of the stall were selling expensive vintage ornaments, for some reason. Afterwards, Anna wanted to go and look in a vintage shop nearby, so we headed there and then spent the rest of the morning walking down and around Brick Lane. In the end I found a book – Heart of A Dog by Bulgakov – which I thought Joel might like, and I can definitely recommend the author, so that was his present sorted.

After a couple of hours of wandering we headed home, picking up some milk (the only reason we went out in the first place!) on the way. Whilst walking Anna had been convincing me that I should try sewing something simple. I’ve always been really interested in fashion (how could I not be?) and I’m not one to turn down a distraction from whatever I’m probably supposed to be doing, so when we got home I gave it a go. Anna was a really fantastic teacher – much better and more patient than I could ever be – and I think the bag turned out pretty well in the end. When I’d finished Anna decided there were a few more things she could teach me so we headed out once more to the East End Thrift Store (via Sainsbury’s) to pick up some clothes I can use as a kind of blank canvas. We found some interesting stuff – I’m looking forward to it.

Back home we had tea quite late (fajitas with our only home-grown chilli (so far)) and, afterwards, watched another episode of Hannibal. Before bed we sat and chatted on the balcony, something we intend to do more frequently.


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