Diary – Internship Interview

As stated in the last diary entry, I had a short interview for an internship yesterday. It was only at half 12, though, so I set off with plenty of time to spare (anticipating getting lost) after a relaxed morning. The cycle was lovely – down the Shadwell cycle path to Tower Bridge, across the river, and left along the south bank (where I’ve never been before), between all the fancy flats and deserted streets.

When I arrived I had a little while to wait but the area (a few streets back from the river) didn’t really have anywhere nice to sit so I just had to stand around the corner – don’t want to look too eager! At about quarter past I wandered round and – after a bit of asking and a text to the lady I was meeting – found where I was going. The interview was only brief and seemed to go pretty well. She basically told me that I had a place there but that it depended on dates (she’s going away and I am too). By the sounds of it I would be helping write pitches for potential television productions.

After the interview I cycled straight home and had lunch before popping out to the fabric shop with Anna, where we picked up a couple of cheap bits. Back at home again she taught me how to transform a dress she had into a two-piece (pictured), which I managed, though I struggled a little with the pinning and the seam isn’t particularly straight.

For the rest of the afternoon I wrote a bit – I’m struggling with writing additions and revisions whilst maintaining tone and pace. For tea we made a lovely selection of roast veg with halloumi. Later on we watched an episode of Hannibal before getting an early night, ready for today’s travelling.


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