Diary – Settling Back In

For a variety of reasons it’s been ages since I wrote a diary entry. On the 22nd, me and Anna travelled up to Preston on the train, where her dad picked us up and took us up to Dolphinholme. The next week or so was spent between houses – Dad’s in Dolphinholme, Grandparents’ in Lancaster, Mum’s in Lytham, Anna’s parents’ in St.Annes, before we travelled back on the 31st. I particularly enjoyed helping Debbie on the allotment (pictured). As I said, there were a variety of reasons I didn’t write a diary entry while I was away – mostly that I was busy spending time with family (who are the main audience anyway). Now it’s time to get back to it.

On the night of the 31st, the day we arrived home, Mary arrived in London to stay with us for a couple of nights. I met her off the train and we enjoyed chatting on the bus journey, though we were both pretty tired (past our bedtime). The next morning we all woke at around 8.30 and sat chatting for a while before setting off for a breakfast at Rinkoff’s – fresh chocolate twist pastries, still warm – where we sat a long time, talking. After breakfast we wandered around to the East End Thrift Store, which is in the process of closing down, and we’re glad to see that Mary found some bargains, which we stuck in a quick wash back at the flat before heading out for the rest of the day.

Washing drying on the balcony, we wandered to Trade (a coffee shop near Spitalfields market) via Sainsbury’s. Here, we had some lunch (lovely egg on toast) and enjoyed the atmosphere, before wandering around the market, where we found a picture for a small frame Mary bought us as a gift. From Spitalfields, we headed onto Brick Lane to wander around the vintage shops (where Mary had some more great finds) and the book shop, where I bought my Grandma and Grandad a joint birthday card (their birthdays are 5 days apart), as well as stopping off for another coffee at Rough Trade. I also bought a Jack Kerouac book (Doctor Sax) for me and Anna.

When we tired of wandering around the shops we moved on to the Whitechapel Gallery, where we lost Mary but all ended up having a nice time wandering around. We particularly enjoyed an exhibition centred around ‘dust’ and Hiroshima. I also bought a postcard for my dad. When we’d all found each other it was time for tea so we headed to Pizza Union (where else?), which Mary seemed pretty impressed with and kindly bought our food. From here, we wandered home, where we surveyed our bargains and Anna helped Mary adjust a skirt, showing me the technique in the process. We spent the rest of the evening chatting (partly on the balcony) and Mary gave me some exciting feedback for my most recent short story, with some really interesting ideas to incorporate. 

Yesterday morning it was time to say goodbye to Mary. I walked her to the bus stop at around 8am and headed home via Sainsbury’s, then headed back out with Anna to the post office. The rest of the day was mostly spent settling back in at home – doing a bit of tidying and working on the additions to my story. In the evening, we went to see The Big Sick, which I will soon review on my freshly-started reviews page. I have one review up already (Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk), which you can read here, if you like.


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