Diary – Shopping and Tate Lates

Today’s diary is going to be another double, though I’ll be fairly brief. On Thursday me and Anna cycled to Lidl to do our weekly shop – normally this is on a Saturday but we had no real food as we’d been away. When we got to Lidl we found that the whole shop had been changed around, so it took a bit longer than usual. We also stopped off at the fabric shop to buy some material for a bag Anna helped me make, buying the other bits and pieces from various shops near our flat. The bag took a pretty long time – most of the day – but I think it looks pretty good, for me anyway.

Yesterday we had a slightly more eventful day. In the morning we did a photo shoot for Anna’s Instagram and then, after lunch, walked down to Liverpool Street, where I went to Caffè Nero to write and Anna went to the bank. I wrote in there for about two hours – it wasn’t busy – before walking home listening to a podcast. Once at home we made tea – stir fry with veggie sausage – then set off on the bikes for Tate Britain, where there was a late opening and fashion exhibition. The exhibition itself turned out to be pretty small and we missed the talk, but the art was still interesting and I enjoyed walking around.

After cycling back (I took this picture on the ride) we watched an episode of Madmen before bed.


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