Diary – Wandering Wapping

Saturday wasn’t a particularly active day – there was no shopping to do as we did that earlier in the week. In the morning I woke at 6 and enjoyed a coffee (I’ve been having a morning coffee instead of tea recently, since Mum kindly gave me a stove-top coffee pot) and half a grapefruit, which felt pretty fancy but was actually just on sale at Lidl. 

For the rest of the day I mostly just wrote (though we did venture out to Rinkoff’s for lunch, braving a very loud thunderstorm).

Yesterday, I woke at 6 again (as usual) and got a bit of writing done before Anna got up. Then, when she was up, we went out taking videos for a ‘lookbook’ she’ll be posting on YouTube. This took a pretty long time – we also had a rest stop at Cinnamon, a cafe in Wapping – taking us to 1ish, when we arrived home. There, we ate lunch on the balcony (boiled egg on toast with fried mushrooms, onion, garlic and spinach) before I got back to writing. I’ve been making pretty steady progress with my story, which I’ll work on a bit more today – I’m going to try and draw up a more careful ‘plan’. 

For tea we had homemade gnocchi, which almost went very wrong but we rescued it, with pesto, broccoli and mange tout, which was lovely – again on the balcony. Before bed we watched an episode of Game of Thrones. 


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