Diary – Anna Started Her Internship!

Yesterday was a fairly big day for Anna, as she strayed her internship in the M&S lingerie design department. I, however, had a lovely relaxing day – I think I’d make a pretty happy house-husband, to be quite honest. In the morning I woke at 6, pumped Anna’s bike tires up, then had a coffee and breakfast. Anna woke up slightly earlier than usual, though she didn’t really have to rush as she was starting at 11, leaving plenty of time to get lost on the way (which she did, but still arrived in plenty of time!). 

When she woke I made her some toast and spoke as she got ready. Then, when she left, I watched a few YouTube videos and had a tidy of the flat. For lunch, I fried up some gnocchi left over from the night before and enjoyed it with pesto. After lunch, I wandered to the Caffè Nero at Liverpool Street to write for a while, staying there for a quite a while – despite not making any conscious decision, I always end up staying and writing for almost exactly two hours. I then walked back and, when home, put the washing just as Anna arrived home – remembered just in time! 

When Anna arrived home I enjoyed listening to the stories of her first day – apparently the people seem really nice and she had a good time with an interesting project to work on – before starting on tea (tomato pasta with homemade garlic flatbread). More pasta, I know. After tea we watched an episode of Madmen before an early night, in preparation for Anna’s early start this morning.

I didn’t have a picture of Anna from yesterday, so instead I used one of my favourites from up in Lancaster. Two Anna pics in a row – you’re welcome Mum.


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