Diary – Stories, Sketches and Stew

I didn’t write a diary yesterday, but no one was missing too much. On Tuesday morning I woke at the usual time, said goodbye to Anna when she left for M&S (I’m missing waking her up later on) and read for awhile before doing some illustration. This took up most of the morning, up until lunch, after which I popped out to Sainsbury’s for some bread and milk and, when I got back, did a bit of writing. I also did some cleaning up before Anna got home, at which point I made tea. Before bed we watched an episode of Madmen, as per usual.

Yesterday wasn’t particularly active, either – which I need to address tomorrow; I think I’ll walk down the river. Again, in the morning, I woke at 6 and said goodbye to Anna before doing a bit of reading. After that, I made up a few batches of stew whilst listening to a podcast – a lovely way to spend the morning – which took a couple of hours. The stew is mostly for Anna whilst I’m away, so that she won’t have to cook too much, if she doesn’t want, when she gets home from her internship. After lunch I did some more illustation and writing before Anna got home, at which point I was just finishing up cooking a sweet potato risotto, which we enjoyed for tea. Finally, before bed, we watched another episode of Madmen – last one ever tonight! 


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