Diary – A Productive Day

Yesterday was a pretty productive day, especially compared to the few that preceded it. In the morning, after waking at the usual time, having breakfast, drawing for a while, and then saying goodbye to Anna, I read a short story by Alice Munro and then decided to write some music, which I do every now and again when I feel inspired. The end product turned out pretty well, I think, and afterwards I burned it to a CD, along with a mix already intended for my dad. 

This took most of the morning, though in the meantime I also washed and hung the clothes to dry. After I’d finished I made some lunch (a measly jam sandwich) and, after that, called British Gas to schedule a mandatory safety check, which I managed to schedule at a time when neither me nor Anna will be home (good one, Thom), which meant Anna had to call today to sort it out. I also gave the kitchen a quick clean.

Later in the afternoon I wandered down the ornamental canal, over Tower Bridge, and to the Caffè Nero by the Golden Hinde (where else?). There, I wrote for a couple of hours (almost exactly, yet again) in which time I got quite a lot down for a new story. I left there at about 5.15 and arrived home just after Anna. Back home, I made stir fry for tea, then packed for my trip back up north. Before bed, we watched an episode of Hannibal


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